Consulting Services and Digital Creation for the Web and Mobile platforms. Marketing and IT Management.
Video Creation. Filmmaking. Graphic Design.

Specializing in Extreme Sports Exotic Event planning, promotion and execution.
Including aerial filmmaking (skydiving/drone).

Website Design

Let's build your presence on the web from scratch tailored to the needs of your business.

Promotional Video Creation

Short video clips can really improve user engagement and boost your marketing campaign.

Domain Name Management

Want things to "just work", hand over to us all aspects of your IT presence.


Start selling online without compromising security and paying huge commisisions.

Mobile Friendly

All our sites are mobile-friendly (responsive designs) We make sure they look great on mobile from the start.

Drone Video Library

Tangotech has a varied library of drone footage shot on location in Africa, central europe and Asia and the capacity to create custom tailored content.

Graphic Design


Victoria, Seychelles.
Skydiving Dropzone, School and Events in the Seychelles.

Skofja Loka, Slovenia.
B.A.S.E Canopy Manufacturer

Bovec, Slovenia
USPA AFF Skydiving freefall school.

Swakopmund, Namibia
Skydiving Touring and safaris.

Key West, Florida, USA
French bakery in Key West, Florida.


iOS Graphing Framework for Fitbit Inc.

Graph Framework written on top of CAShapeLayer.

China WGS-84 CGC-02

Refactoring the jogging mobile experience to be functional with china's CGC-02 state owned geopositioning while keeping WGS-84 for the rest of the world.

Gamified Corportate Wellness

Spritekit based 2D gamified experience mapping health metrics.

Bringing 12 years of Silicon valley experience to the islands and to your project.
Principal Software Engineer Fitbit Inc. (2011-2016) 
Software Engineer Apple Inc. (2007-2011)
Stanford M.S EE 2007

Thomas G.


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